About Us


Welcomes you to explore the world of premier Polywood industry. Our team across the nation is differentiated by the imagination, and experience, across industries and technologies, that we bring to every project we undertake. We are creating a synchronised and well indexed database of rich and versatile Bhojpuri film industry at one place,one click away in simple language we are creating a database of all the members of our industry .All these includes from there journey  of a new comer to achieving a stardom among  others i.e. grass root level to top level from dip to rise of their carrier of  the film artist at one place in chronological order.

We are having a team of artist ,crew member, supports staff like every director have. we also have mixing lab testing lab and many other lab such that any novice can learn many things of the industry.


medium_images.jpgOUR MISSION AND VISION

You’re not like everyone else -- so why should you sound the same as everyone else. Come out from the den and show your valuable precious talent. We are also providing and creating opportunities for new and young talents if you have some thing that the world should know then send your audio, video or anything related to your art we will provide a platform for your talent such that talent don't go to vain. Even a one minute show is enough to seek the attention of the universe.

 if you have any query ,feel free to ask ,Don't hesitate.